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Every paint job has its challenges—but due to the surfaces or the setting, some are more challenging than others. We asked some seasoned pros to share their prep and painting strategies for a variety of surface situations. CONCRETE TILT-UPS PRO TIPSTER: Bob Cusumano, president of Coatings Consultants, Palm Beach Gardens, FL Cusumano…


Like other tradesmen, paint pros are creatures of habit. The tools a mentor uses can often become a go-to for a younger painter as well. When it comes to brush preferences, many pros quickly learn what brand, size or style works for them, and end up sticking with it for the long…


‘Prior Planning, Preparation and Practice Prevent Poor Performance,’ is a military motto. It should also be the inspiration for every painting contractor, especially when it comes to applying effective and lasting masonry waterproof coatings, according to our expert. Properly treating masonry substrate, whether it’s the exterior of a commercial building or a…


With the economy improving in most places, a lot of painting contractors are considering scaling up or diversifying. But how do you know when it’s time to make the leap, and what factors should you consider beforehand? THE WISDOM OF EXPERIENCE We tapped a number of seasoned pros to learn how they…


When Terry Begue started in the painting business nearly three decades ago, he quickly began to think that being a great painter didn’t always translate to profitability. That thinking changed about five years into running his company. Aluminum siding jobs are very prevalent in Akron, OH; so Begue began fine-tuning methods for…


There are a few things we do during the bidding process that have helped us to be successful—and it starts before we send the estimate. BEFORE SENDING THE ESTIMATE First of all, we start every relationship with a face-to-face meeting. I make it a point to set technology aside, visit the job…


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