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You know having the right paint for the job is essential and that your prep work is critical. But application tools matter too. Your brushes and rollers help you produce beautiful work and can impact the time you spend on a project. So we asked six pros about their favorites. OUR PROS:…


What sets you apart as a painting contractor is your skilled application, excellent customer service, and business acumen. But at the end of the day, if your customer is not happy with the color they have chosen, it reflects poorly on the job as a whole and may inhibit them from moving…


All painting professionals run into the dreaded time crunch, when the number of hours allotted for a job just may not be enough. So, what’s a skipped step here and there, you might ask? Unfortunately, it can mean the difference between a satisfied customer and a callback—especially on interior jobs. Here, Rick…


Many painting business owners have plenty to do just to keep their operations running smoothly on any given day. At the same time, they can also be tempted by advertisements and solicitations about technology solutions that claim to simplify operations. Through trial and error, many business owners learn which solutions are right…


There are many day-to-day management frustrations for any painting professional. For some, their days feel like nothing but constant interruptions. Often it’s little things, such as an employee unable to make a decision in a timely manner because of some sort of roadblock. As a result, you are forced to focus on…


Marge Parkhurst has been painting since the age of 13, when she would accompany her father, a general contractor, on various jobs after school and during the summer months. She continued working for her father throughout high school. Fast forward 34 years, and Parkhurst has created and maintained a lucrative painting business…


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