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When choosing an ‘environmental coating,’ consideration should be given to both the impact the product has on the environment during initial application, and the performance and duty cycle of the product itself. LET’S START WITH VOCS A lot of attention is given to the VOC levels in coatings but the VOC level,…


A good primer does a lot for you. It seals your surface, blocks stains, and helps give you even color when you paint. Depending on the substrates you’re working with and their condition, you might have several different go-to primers. So we asked six pros with a range of specialties which primers…


Applying interior stain brings its share of pitfalls, the least of which could be the strong odor from an oil-based product that results in a customer complaint. Stains can be tricky to apply, especially if you’re not called to do this type of work often. If you’re relatively new to interior stains…


By the time David Biddlecombe started his company, Dave B Painting in northwest Louisiana in 2015, he’d already battled his own addiction issues and been clean for nearly 10 years. As a former addict, he has a deeper understanding for the needs of those battling substance abuse, and he’s gained a keen…


Earlier this year, PDCA hosted ‘Estimating Month’ and launched a series of free 15-minute podcasts and videos related to the subject. The companion videos are available exclusively to PDCA members. According to Chris Shank, education director for PDCA, education podcasts offer the opportunity for educators to share some of their hard-earned wisdom…


An artist by trade, Jon Cox, Sr. understands the importance of having the right tools for the job. That’s why the founder of Proform Technologies, Inc., which manufactures Picasso paintbrushes, also values the input of other professionals when developing pro-grade brushes. In fact, he very much enjoys talking shop with paint pros…


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