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Even the most experienced professionals can save time and money with the proper selection and application of tape, says Kacie Baon, category manager for ShurTech Brands LLC, maker of FrogTape brand painter’s tape. Whether you’re a large-scale operation looking for economies or a small business searching for a competitive edge, it’s key…


inPAINT magazine’s recent annual reader survey confirmed that finding qualified workers remains the greatest challenge for survey participants. Resonating as the top challenge with 54% of survey respondents, finding qualified workers was well ahead of time management (25%), finding new business (16%) and estimating (13%). The subject of finding and retaining quality…


Getting on the agenda: painting for HOA’s – how meticulous planning, careful scheduling, and mindful budgeting sets the standard. Noah Winkles was grateful that his father offered him the opportunity to manage the family painting business, New Life Painting, upon graduating from college 10 years ago. He grew up assisting his father,…


EXTERIOR COATINGS PPG Paints TIMELESS Exterior Paint and Primer in one incorporates the company’s coatings innovation and expertise from outside the residential and commercial painting industry—for the first time, using additives from its coatings for the automotive industry in an exterior architectural paint. With automotive-grade UV-Protect Technology, painters get one-coat coverage in…


First, Elon Musk announced on Twitter he deleted the Facebook pages for both Tesla and SpaceX. Then came Pep Boys and Will Ferrell. Next it was Playboy announcing their Facebook page was no more. They left behind 25 million fans. These announcements all came under the #DeleteFacebook movement. #DeleteFacebook trended globally on…


A unique niche market: metal and steel surfaces. How one Boston-area business is meeting the needs of commercial manufacturing clients. Jim Kaloutas began his painting career in 1987 at 19 years old, following in the footsteps of his father, an experienced residential painter. Prior to launching Kaloutas Painting, he often served as…


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